Vanilla Kush Strain Review

vannila kush review

Vanilla Kush Strain

One of the most prominent strains to solidify its position in the post-legal cannabis market is Vanilla Kush. The indica-dominant strain hails from the legendary Dutch cannabis collective, Barney’s Farm. Vanilla Kush was made possible by crossing Kashmir strains and Afghani Kush, creating a unique blend of creamy flavor and an intense, heady high.

The true-to-form indica strain delivers sedating effects, commonly used for relaxation after a long day or right before bed. Vanilla Kush’s rich history, district attributes, and high crop yields make it one of the most commercially successful strains in the US.

Hailing from Barney’s Farm, Netherlands

There are few on earth with the reputation or experience of breeders from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam. Since the founder helped pioneer modern cannabis crossbreeding in the 1980s, the farm continues to provide the highest quality seeds and must-visit coffee shops for cannabis connoisseurs traveling abroad.

Vanilla Kush is one of the collective’s most impressive creations. Barney’s combines the notorious indica strength of Afghan Kush with the indistinguishable aromas of the Kashmir Valley to create an unforgettable experience.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The success of Vanilla Kush is thanks to its unique vanilla aroma and flavor. While this strain stands out by delivering creamy, relaxing notes, it still checks all the boxes the typical cannabis consumer requires.

Classic Appearance

The timeless Dutch strain produces large, sometimes pointy nugs with a low density and soft attributes. Vanilla Kush breaks up nice and fat due to its sparse leaves and airy physique, perfect for rolling up or packing into a bowl.

Vanilla Kush has a traditional appearance one would associate with high-quality cannabis. Earthy leaves across the spectrum from deep, dark forest tones to bright yellow-green cover provide a base for the airy nugs. Dense, concentrated pockets of golden pistils protrude from the center of the nugs, tapering off at their ends. The flowers are covered in creamy white trichomes, giving the strain a milky white hue, reminiscent of its moniker, vanilla.

Unique Aroma of Vanilla Kush

After igniting the indica-dominant strain, you will be immediately entranced with the smooth aroma of vanilla. Cannabis enthusiasts report the strain to resembling the odor of a vanilla-flavored cigar, with floral undertones of molasses, lavender, and a hint of citrus. The strain’s thick, potent smoke results from its Kush lineage but is balanced by the earthy tones from Kashmir Hash Plant.

Unforgettable Flavor

While Vanilla Kush has an indistinguishable creamy taste, the harsh hitting Kush lineage comes out after taking a sizable rip. Like all Kush phenotypes, we recommend treading lightly and enjoy the unique essence; the effects are sure to take you by surprise. First-timer smokers should be cautious, the smooth taste is inviting, but you will feel the rich genetic history that birthed some of the most potent strains available.

The Effects of Vanilla Kush

Most Vanilla Kush strains test at around 20% THC and < 1% CBD. Don’t let a relatively modest potency profile fool you; Vanilla Kush packs a punch guaranteed to temporarily join your existence with the nearest comfy piece of furniture.

The High

Smoking Vanilla Kush is a captivating experience engaging all of the senses. The mind and body are enthralled with relaxation. Many users report a thought-provoking high, not always associated with indica-dominant strains, but we welcome any source of enlightenment with open arms.

The high created by smoking Vanilla Kush is overly sedating, so plan accordingly. We don’t recommend this strain if you are looking to accomplish any tiresome tasks or a grueling workout.

Like most indicas, they are best accompanied by a relaxing activity. Dim the lights, turn on some chill music, and enjoy the feeling of your troubles escaping your psyche. The high is followed by an increase in appetite, commonly referred to in the cannabis community as the munchies. Vanilla Kush doesn’t escape this cliché weed stereotype; you will undoubtedly be in pursuit of some flaming hot chips once the initial heightened sense of tranquility wears off.

Vanilla Kush Common Side Effects

While side effects are quite mild, you can expect to experience dry mount and eyes, not uncommon to any strain of highly potent marijuana. Headaches and heightened paranoia are rarely reported; users can consume with confidence.

Medical Uses

Medical cannabis patients are attracted to Vanilla Kush because of its sedating effects. The strain’s high concentration in the common cannabis myrcene gives the THC a nice push to deliver a relaxing high that will have you knocked out in minutes. Other benefits include lowering levels of anxiety, depression, arthritis and helping users deal with chronic pain.

Growing Vanilla Kush

While the appeal of Vanilla Kush is its unique flavor and aroma, the strain is highly favored by commercial growers because it’s low maintenance, quick to flower, and produces a high yield. Growers tend to choose their seeds based on one of these factors but rarely have the luxury of working with all three.

Home growers also liken to the indica-dominant strain because of its low barrier to entry and ability to produce large fluffy nugs. DIY cannabis farmers have a high rate of success, even without much experience. Vanilla Kush will acclimate to any environment, thriving in both indoor and outdoor grows. Even with minimal effort, Vanilla Kush can produce up to 250 grams per plant.

A Cannabis Industry Classic

Vanilla Kush may not be the trendiest strain available at the moment, but it has proven to stand the test of time. Some of the most prominent dispensaries in Denver, Colorado, have carried the indica-dominant strain from their inception. The unique vanilla flavor keeps the customer coming back, and the high grow yields allow growers to pump out the popular strain consistently.

There are few groups of breeders with the reputation of Barney’s Farm. Cannabis consumers can rely on the dedication and experience exhibited by pioneers of the Dutch growing community. Vanilla Kush is just one of the masterpieces we all get to take advantage of from the Dutch master breeders, we suggest picking up the highly sought after strain any time you get a chance.

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